Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is OCD..I mean really...

Just because I like my things in one certain place and that if it's not I move it back..or things like..I sit in a certain chair at the dinner table, sleep on a certain side of the bed...does that mean I'm OCD...I don't..to me it just means I like my things organized...plain and simple..I must admit that when things do get out of place or I try and sit in a different seat at the table..it is very difficult for me to deal with...almost closterfobic or something..but I just feel that..it's me set in my ways and I don't like change...easy as that..I like my house clean..each and everything in my house has it's place..when it is out of place I put it back where it goes..I'm the same way with things in my yard..I do hate to see things out of place and I hate clutter..my motto is if my house looks like nobody lives here then it's clean..But does this really mean I'm OCD....I still dont think so...to me what it comes down to is that I like my thing nice and neat..nothing more.. =)

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