Monday, October 26, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Beautiful Grand Baby Isabelle Rose

What is OCD..I mean really...

Just because I like my things in one certain place and that if it's not I move it back..or things like..I sit in a certain chair at the dinner table, sleep on a certain side of the bed...does that mean I'm OCD...I don' me it just means I like my things organized...plain and simple..I must admit that when things do get out of place or I try and sit in a different seat at the is very difficult for me to deal with...almost closterfobic or something..but I just feel's me set in my ways and I don't like change...easy as that..I like my house clean..each and everything in my house has it's place..when it is out of place I put it back where it goes..I'm the same way with things in my yard..I do hate to see things out of place and I hate motto is if my house looks like nobody lives here then it's clean..But does this really mean I'm OCD....I still dont think me what it comes down to is that I like my thing nice and neat..nothing more.. =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

I am so proud...

So the other day my son Justin went to Mcdonalds with his girlfriend and some other friends from church...and there was a boy that worked there..and he came up to them and asked Justin why he wore Hollister..that it's only a name and that just because he wore name brand doesn't make him any better than anyone eles...Justin's reply...I dont wear Hollister so I can be better than anyone else..I wear it because I like how it fits and looks on me..that it wouldn't matter if the shirt said..road-runner on it..if it looked good on him he would wear the boy noticed that he was also wearing Hollister pants and Sandles and made a coment about that proceeds to tell him that he modeled for Hollister in the past and gave him his the boy seemed to be alright with it he leaves..then soon later he comes back and asked Justin if he goes to Church and Justin says yes I do..and the boy tells him that he used to go to Church and that there all just so happens that Justin's best friend..that was sitting next to him is a Preachers son and is in college for between Justin and his friend they sit the boy down and talk to him about Church and the fact that all Christians aren't hypocrites..that nobody is perfect...that we all have our imperfection and they also invite him to church with them this Sunday..he said he would go..It sounds to me like this boy has been picked on a lot in his life..he seems to have a lot of I am hoping he goes and realizes that not all Churches are the same..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In my home there is a photo, of a face more precious than gold. And to those who love and lost you, your memory will never grow old. Today i look at your photo, at your face so loving and true. No wonder my heart is breaking mam, losing a mother like you. But each day you walk beside me, and when my life is through. I pray that god will take my hand, and lead me straight to you

Life..Death, Getting Older, Change, Normal..nothing will ever be the same agian!

It's been a long time since I have wrote on my much has been going on...this has been one of the craziest years ever..First my cousin..Cindy died..of a brain tumor, she had just found out about it and a week and a half later she died..a very sad time for our family..a loss so young...we were very close when we were young..but grew farther apart as we got older and had our own families to take care of...she left behind three beautiful children and a new husband...
My Mother passed away June 8th. after fighting a long battle with lung cancer...she fought so hard...and even though I miss her so so much I know she is in a better place..out of pain and watching over all of us..There's not a day I don't think of her and want to pick up the phone to tell her something..but then, to remember that I can't..I know I sound so selfish...but I am so angry..I just want her back so bad..
Sept 1st. I lost my my step-Father..he was the only father figure in my life for close to 30 years....and when he passed it was a total shock..even though he got sick soon after mom passed.. he fought hard and was getting better...just when we thought he would be going home, he took a turn for the worse...I feel so empty inside, even though I have my kids and my husband..I still just don't feel much is missing...nothing will ever be the I would love to go to my moms and hug her, hold her hand, kiss her cheek...or even see her smile..~everyday I talk to you mom, I hope you hear me~
Sept 6th. just two days after we buried my Father I got sick..what should have been taken care of months ago..but with so much going on..I kept putting it off..sent me to the the most horrible pain ever...I had been told sometime before Mom passed that I would need my gallbladder out...well with all that was going on there was just no time for my body tried to pass two stones that got stuck in the bile duct to my liver..which was so painful I could not hardly breath..two surgeries in two states and a week in the hospital...I'm finally back home trying to get things back to normal..well as normal as it can get...sitting here in a very quite house is driving me crazy...To anyone who reads this ..just do me a favor and say a little prayer for our family..I'm not sure how much more we can handle..

Thursday, July 30, 2009